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Solvent dyes


The Equivalents



The Equivalents

Solvent Yellow 2

(KKK)Orient Oil Yellow GG


Solvent Red 52

(BASF)Waxoline Rubine TR FW

Solvent Yellow 14

(BASF)Orient Oil Yellow 220


Solvent Red 195

(BASF)Thermoplast Red 454

Solvent Yellow 16

(BASF)Orient Oil Yellow 146


Solvent Red 196

(HDC)Elbaplast Fluorescent Red 2B

Solvent Yellow 18

(MRT)Morplas Yellow 9


Solvent Red 197

(HDC)Elbaplast Red G

Solvent Yellow 33

(BASF)Oplas Yellow 136


Solvent Red 207

(KEY)Keyplast Red M 6B

Solvent Yellow 56

(BASF)Sudan Yellow 150


Vat Red 41

(HDC)Elbaplast Red B

Solvent Yellow 93

(BASF)Thernoplast Yellow 104


Solvent Green 3

(BASF)Alizarine Green Base

Solvent Yellow 98

(HDC)Elbaplast Fluorescent Yellow G


Solvent Green 5

(BASF)Fluovol Green Gold 084

Solvent Yellow 114

(BAY)Macrolex Yellow G


Solvent Green 28

(BASF)Waxoline Green 6GFW

Solvent Yellow 163

(BASF)Waxoline Yellow 5RRFW


Solvent Blue 35

(BASF)Sodan Blue 670

Solvent Yellow 176

(HST)Solvapexm Yellow G


Solvent Blue 36

(BASF)Sodan Blue FB

Solvent Orange 60

(ORIENT)Oplas Orange 230


Solvent Blue 78

(DHC)Elbaplast Blue G

Solvent Orange 63

(HOE)Hostasol Red GG


Solvent Blue 97

(DYSTAR)Macrolex Blue RR

Solvent Orange 86

(BASF)Sodam S Orange 261


Solvent Blue 104

(DHC)Elbaplast Blue R

Solvent Red 111

(BASF)Waxoline Red MP EW


Solvent Blue 122

(ROSE)Rosaplast Be R

Solvent Red 135

(ORIENT)Oplas Red 330


Solvent Violet 13

(BASF)Sicosty Red Blue 68-405

Solvent Red 146

(DHC)Eibasol Red 3B


Disperse Violet 26

(ROSE)Rosaplast Violet E 4R

Solvent Red 149

(KEY)Keyplast Fluorescent Red G


Solvent Violet 31

(ORIENT)KiwalonPolyesterViolet 2RE

Solvent Red 179

(ORIENT)Oplas Red 338


Solvent Violet 36

(DYSTAR)Macrolex Violet 3R

Solvent Red 23

(DHC)Elbasol Red P


Solvent Violet 37

(CLH)Sandoplast Violet EBL

Solvent Red 24

(BASF)Sudan M Red 380


Solvent Black 3

(BASF)Neptun Black X 60

Solvent Red 25

(KRAS)Krasol Dark Red G




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